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Neofect offers digital therapy systems for modern hand, arm and shoulder rehabilitation. For Facilities, Clinics and Homecare.

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Digital therapy devices for finger, hand, arm and shoulder

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Our Therapy Solutions

Smart Board

With Functional Arm Reaching, Neofect Smart Board effectively improves the patient’s coordinated movement across multiple joints and active range of motion.

Smart Glove

The Neofect Smart Glove is a biofeedback Training tool designed to improve range of motion, coordination, and timing by a patient in training games, using the patient‘s hand as a controller.

Smart Pegboard

Measurable, fun and motivating: The Neofect Smart Pegboard provides visual and auditory feedback to motivate users through gamified training.

Smart Kids

The Neofect Smart Kids is designed for children to training their upper extremity with rehab games. Neofect Smart Kids can help children improve their motor control and promote neurplasticity with fun, repetitive training.


Neofect Cognition approaches cognitive rehabilitation with spiral structure, so as to promote relearning and retraining of damaged cognitive functions.

Treax Pads

Treax Pads is an innovative training system that targets rehabilitation after acquired brain injury, physical training for elderly, or development of children’s motor and cognitive skills.

Treax Pads

Smart Balance

Neofect Smart Balance measures static and dynamic balance from sitting, standing, and stepping positions to promote improved mobility independence.

Benefits of digital therapy


Ergonomic and almost weightless for easy use and high acceptance.


Fair prices for high benefits and strong added value.


Individualized exercises and training programs tailored to the patient.


Portable solutions for flexible and fast use in clinics, facilities and at home.


Motivational exercises for better therapy results.


Measurable results of all exercises visualize the training success.

Are our Neofect therapy solutions available in your country?


If you are a patient or relative to a patient who suffers from a disease that can be treated with our products, you should ask your Occupational Therapist or therapy facility if they are already working with Neofect.

If you are an OT, Physical Therapist or professional therapist please contact us at info [at] neofect.eu to get in touch with either one of our distribution partners in your country or directly with us.

If you want to distribute our therapy systems in your country please contact us at info [at] neofect.eu 

No, the Smart Glove and Smart Board are not robotic and do not move your arm or hand for you. These devices require you to have some active movement in order to use them successfully. These products are able to quantify even small movements of the upper extremity to better promote repetition, optimal for brain retraining to improve motor function.

We currently do not support insurance reimbursement.

We are open to hear your ideas! 😉 Please write us a message to info[at]neofect.eu