We inspire hope through digital innovation.

  • Technologic innovation for best possible rehabilitation
  • Digital therapy devices for finger, hand, arm and shoulder
  • Motivational exercises for better therapy results
  • Evaluation – training – results – individual reporting

Our product portfolio

Smart Glove

Improving individual mobility of finger and wrist joints.

Smart Kids

Improving individual mobility of wrist joinds for Kids.

Smart Board

Improving individual mobility of elbow and shoulder joints.

Smart Pegboard

Improvement of cognitive and motoric skills.

Our therapy solutions are …


Ergonomic design, low weight and easy to wear. High acceptance without loss of time.


Portable solutions for flexible and fast usage in clinics, facilities, therapy centers and at home.


Fair pricing for high benefit and great value.


Train at limtit of performance while having fun and increasing training frequency.


Custom tasks and programs for patients through sensor technology and rehabilitation software. 


Objective results for all trainings visualize the rehab success – real time and as reporting.

Customer Reviews

Ullrich Thiel

Owner of therapy center “Hellmuth & Thiel”

The therapeutic games are not only looking well but you can tell immediately that therapists developed them. This applies for Smart Board, Smart Glove and Pegboard evenly.

Claudia Modes

Occupational therapist Healthcenter Chiemgau

We own a Smart Glove since 2018 and we can’t imagine a therapeutic workday with neurological patients without it. The Pegboard also is much enjoyed by our therapist and patients and is used frequently.

Susanne Zillgitt

Occupational therapist and owner of therapy center “Susanne Zillgitt”

The ages range from 10 to 86 and the diagnosis include stroke, parkinson, multiple sclerosis and ADHS. Our patients react with tears, speechlessness, emotion, and almost unstoppable eagerness … a great success!

Nicola Werner

Occupational therapist of therapy center “Ambulanticum” Herdecke

Neofect earns its high value through success on patients!

Our Team

Soobin Lee

Soobin Lee

Managing Director

Adalbert Nawrot

Adalbert Nawrot

Business Development Manager

Kathleen Jurke

Kathleen Jurke

Senior Marketing Manager

Sebastian Tölg

Sebastian Tölg

Senior Sales Manager

Maximilian Barta

Systems & Software Architect

Sascha Petersen

Sascha Petersen

Service Administrative

Metin Karakaya

Metin Karakaya

Service Representative

Ben Kitatu

Ben Kitatu

Sales Representative

Uwe Metzenthin

Sales Representative

Björn Siegismund

Sales Representative

Marco Küster

Marco Küster

Sales Representative